Vampfangs online store sells FX contact lenses, special fx makeup, teeth, veneers, latex, masks, stage blood, wound transfers and more.

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Established in Salem, Mass. in 1993, Vampfangs provides Beauty & FX Contact Lenses, Fangs & Teeth, Makeup, Fragrance & more to Halloween lovers and pros!

Vampfangs is an eCommerce website
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Weekly Special Event!

Fang Flasher Fridays is Vampfangs' weekly giveaway and contest on social media...mainly through the Vampfangs prizes of product which may be valued up to $100!

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Contact Lenses

All of our lenses are FDA Cleared! We carry a wide selection of Special FX and Beauty Contact Lenses and many of our Premium CLS Lenses are also available in corrective strengths up to -6.00. A variety of colors and styles are available including our Angelic Line...which is the most popular due to its INTENSE COLOR and dark, natural ring around the edge. We also offer Manson Style White Outs and Black Outs, popular choices for Zombie looks!

Don’t put your vision at risk by purchasing contact lenses from illegal sellers. ALL contact lenses are considered medical devices...whether they are corrective or not...and require a valid prescription in order to purchase. We fully comply with all FDA and FTC regulations, as well as with all applicable State and Federal Laws. If you do not have a valid eye doctor, DO NOT buy from us! NO EXCEPTIONS will be made...PERIOD! We are serious about safety!

Read about Vampfangs' many styles of zombie contacts and discover how to put your zombie character over the top with these essential costume details.

Read Vampfangs' complete guide to buying Halloween contact lenses online.

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Fangs & Teeth

We are one of the largest distributors of Scarecrow Vampire Fangs on the planet! Our fangs are THE most comfortable custom fit fangs you will ever wear! You can mold them in a matter of minutes, and they blend seamlessly into your existing teeth. We also carry Werewolf Fangs that include upper and lower fangs.

Our full selection of teeth and veneers are perfect when you need a full set of (not so) pearly whites to complete your character. Great for Demons, Cannibals, Monsters, Vampires, Zombies, and More!

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Beauty / FX Makeup

Beauty / FX Makeup is key to creating a top quality finished look. Whether you are a PRO, a fledgling SFX artist, or a Halloween enthusiast, we have you covered. Quick and easy temporary tattoos are a great way to get a pro look in seconds! We have a full selection of wounds, tattoos, BIG MOUTH tattoos, and even full face coverage! We carry a variety of color palettes from the top makeup brands in the industry.

Two new additions are the full line of Tinsley 3D FX Transfers and Manic Panic. These Hollywood quality brands are great for anyone looking for a film ready look in minutes! THE perfect fit for Vampfangs fans! Don’t forget to finish your look with a high quality blood product!


The Vampfangs Fragrance Collection by Dark Alchemy offers something for everyone. From dark and mysterious to soft and sexy, our fragrances will empower you. Each fragrance reacts with your personal body chemistry, resulting in a slightly different scent for everyone. We are busy at work formulating our next additions...keep an eye out for new scents!

Our NEW line of character costume sprays are a fun way to put your character over the top! The first 3 scents in this new line are Carnie, Bacon, and Living Dead. For more info about these and all fragrances, visit our website

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