Halloween Wildcard: "The Black Pirate" (1926) Film Screening

Date October 25, 2017
Time 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Event Description

Halloween Wildcard: The Black Pirate (1926) Film Screening
The Music Hall- 28 Chestnut St, Portsmouth, NH
Wednesday, October 25th, 2017
Prices: $13, no passes.
Rating: NR 

Pirates loot a ship of its riches before blowing it up. Father-and-son survivors of noble birth wash ashore of an island, and the injured father perishes. The son (Douglas Fairbanks) promises to seek revenge by infiltrating the same band of buccaneers and bringing them to justice. Posing as the “Black Pirate,” he defeats the captain, captures a merchant ship single-handedly and earns himself a role as their new leader. Unanticipated is a princess (Billie Dove) who needs protection.

Once again, we are thrilled to have an original score performed live by Boston ‘Steam-Crunk’ ensemble and RPM Challenge favorites, Walter Sickert & the Army of BRoken TOys. In affiliation with, and as a fundraiser for, Portsmouth Halloween Parade.
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